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LoBoy Doors Right On Target!

June 26, 2013

The first ideas are often the best ideas… certainly that is the case with our LoBoy doors for the Polaris RZR. We originally created the concept for the U.S. Border Patrol and military special ops applications, however the doors have readily adapted to civilian use.

Adapting our military spec features to civilian use proved to be beneficial for RZR pilots needing the security of a door, while retaining full view of what is happening in tight technical situations. Since we engineer our doors to the highest standards, both the original mil spec and standard LoBoy versions start with a reinforced steel frame featuring multiple anchor points to keep the doors securely mounted. Bump stops, rubberized backing and rattle-proof Duralin coated strikers keep trail noise to a minimum. Stainless hardware, limiting straps and captured lock-down hinges are among the other bells and whistles.

One upgrade that the army guys didn’t get was DragonFire’s new “Locked & Secured” slam-shut automotive style latch. It functions just like your standard car door. Slam it shut and it stays shut. However, for really precarious situations on the trail, we have incorporated a locking lever to make sure the doors remain securely shut at all times. Add in the tactical advantage of maximum visibility and you have a winning combination for any RZR owner.

For more details on the LoBoy doors and a closer look at the locking mechanism, click on the exclusive new video up at DragonFire’s YouTube channel:

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