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DFR’s Makes Big Air at X Games 16

August 02, 2010

DFR-X-Games-16-Shuttle2Lots of big stars and big winners at X Games 16 this past weekend, with names like Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Rob Lorifice, Chad Kagy, Andy Buckworth and Steve McCann all making their way to the medal’s podium for the Big Air competition, thanks in no small part to DragonFire Racing’s Yamaha Rhino Mega Ramp Shuttle Vehicles.

In past summers, Staples Center was the site of X Game events that take place off the top of the 80-foot-tall Mega Ramp. But this year, the location was switched to the LA Coliseum, which has no elevator access for skateboarders to get to the top platform. That left organizers looking for a solution to their logistics quandary.

ESPN and CA Ramp Works approached us to build custom shuttle vehicles that could transport athletes to the top of the eight-story ramp on a 26-degree ramp. With two-weeks notice, we consulted on the design of the steep transportation ramp, and then got busy designing two custom shuttle vehicles. Calling them the X Games Mega Ramp shuttles, we designed each to quickly carry two athletes at a time back up the steep ramp. The emphasis was on quickly.

DFR-X-Games-16-Shuttle3The two shuttle vehicles were finished ahead of schedule, enabling star skateboarders to practice six to eight hours a day before the Games, giving them more runs in practice and during the rail jam than they ever had in past events. Many of the athletes complimented the efficiency of our shuttle program, and the progression of tricks performed on the Mega Ramp from the first practice day until last weekend’s televised events was amazing to watch.

We also took advantage of the X Games to work with the folks over at Can Am to debut the brand new Can Am Commander side-by-side vehicle, which won’t be available to the public for another month or two. Can Am makes the Commander, and the company gave us one to display and show off. We decided to put this tough vehicle to work, hauling riders up and down the steep mega ramp — right alongside our own X Games Mega Ramp shuttles.

With ESPN telecasting the games live to more than 382 million homes in 175 countries, the exposure for us and for Can Am wasn’t too shabby. In fact, here’s a link to a video showing the Mega Ramp winners and one of our DFR vehicles (at 42 seconds in):


We continue to grow in the action sports market, and being a big part of X Games 16 adds more substantive proof that we’re one of the most recognized brands in the SXS market. Stay tuned, especially over the next few weeks as we prepare for the Sand Sports Super Show.

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