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DFR’s Skat Track Paddles Let You Float Across the Desert Sands

September 28, 2010
UTV Skat Track Sand Tires from DragonFire Racing

UTV Skat Track Sand Tires from DragonFire Racing

It’s a physics thing but they say minimal drag equals increased horsepower. That means our special-made UTV Skat Track Sand Tires provide a larger footprint, which allows you to stay on top of the sand instead of digging into it with knobby tires. And these tires actually grip better, giving you and your UTV a much more rewarding driving experience.

With these tires, you not only gain great traction in the sand, but you float across the dunes with minimal drag — and that means more horsepower and more speed. That also means you’ll be able to tackle those big steep dunes that maybe you used to watch your friends tackle. DragonFire Racing Paddles and Smoothies provide a larger foot print meaning you will stay on top of the sand as opposed to digging in with knobby tires.

There’s also another edict in physics that claims weight is horsepower. Our Skat Track buffed tires are the lightest sand tires you can find for your UTV. And before you ask, we suggest you run our buffed Paddles (12RX7X25) on the rear and our Smoothies (12RX7X25) up front. Why Smoothies in the front, you ask? Don’t be fooled by these bald beauties. Truth is, they act like suction cups in the sand and they provide enough float to turn at any speed, allowing your vehicle to climb faster and further than it ever has before.

The seven-paddle tires on the other hand, are perfect for your UTV because they allow just enough tire spin at takeoff to let the CVT-style clutch gain some rpm before putting the power to the ground.

Check them out at: Then buy a set for your next desert trip. This is one of those items that’s pretty much guaranteed to add immeasurably to your sand adventures.

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