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Meet Our Team, DFR’s Purchasing Agent and Inventory Manager Andy Pitstick

October 07, 2010
DFR's Andy "Chopper" Pitstick

DFR's Andy "Chopper" Pitstick

Companies like ours hire experienced people like purchasing agent and inventory manager Andy Pitstick because we need someone who can find the best merchandise at the best price. Andy works with the rest of our team to handpick the most reliable suppliers in the market, negotiates prices and makes sure products are received when they are needed. In addition, he researches sales records and inventory levels of current stock and stays up to date on changes in the industry. And now it’s time to hear from our DFR team member himself — Andy “Chopper” Pitstick (care to hazard a guess as to why we call him “Chopper,” or “Chops” for short? Hint: check out the picture to the right!):

DragonFire Racing: What is the best part of your job?

Andy Pitstick: The best part of my job is being actively involved in the growth and development of this awesome company. Our staff is made up of the coolest group of people, and we all jive well to make a great team.

DFR: What did you do prior to coming to work for DragonFire Racing?

AP: I worked for a company that installed and serviced hospital operating room equipment. I traveled across the country Monday through Friday, going from hospital to hospital troubleshooting and servicing equipment. I flew on more than 150 flights in one year and have seen both coasts twice in one week!

DFR: Do you drive a UTV/ATV? If so what do you drive?

AP: I ride a KX250, but I would like to get into a UTV soon.

DFR: What is your favorite DFR Product?

AP: My favorite product is our Black Magic Longtravel Suspension. After seeing what these can hold up against in Baja I’m just amazed at the quality product we have developed.

DFR: What are you reading and watching these days?

AP: Futurama, COPS and Tosh.0 are what my couch lounging consists of.

DFR: If you could take a week off from work and ride ATV/UTV’S anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

AP: I would load up a couple of UTV’s and head to Montana with friends and family to explore some of the prettiest country America has to offer. Colorado comes in as a close second!

Thanks, Andy, for taking the time to share a little bit of info about yourself. If you – our customers and readers – would like to know more about the team here at DragonFire Racing, read the entire Meet Our Team collection today.

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