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DragonFire Racing Tips on Winterizing Your UTV

December 23, 2010

As we all know, winter can be tough on your UTV — even for those folks who live in the warmer climates and ride year-round. DragonFire Racing has a few helpful hints on how to prepare and protect your UTV from the elements of winter.

Note: Even if you live in warmer climes, stop gloating for a second or two and check out our tips for maintaining your UTV in your toasty region.

Winterize-UTVFor those in cold climates, make sure you check all of your fluids before turning on the ignition and heading out the garage door. That means check the antifreeze in the radiator. Also check the radiator water level. Remember, it’s winter time now and there’s no need to top off with more water. Not enough antifreeze and too much water can result in freezing and swelling, which of course, damages the radiator and other components.

If your UTV has been sitting idle for a while — like three months or more — get rid of that old fuel. That gas goes bad quickly and can gum up your motor big time. And nothing ruins the look and performance of your UTV more than leaving it out in the elements during the winter months. Keep it under cover. If you don’t have a garage or storage area, borrow or rent one.

Most important to appearance is the edict to keep your ride clean. If you put your UTV away for the season and it’s dirty, that dirt and mud on the plastics can change the color of your UTV, cause warping and dull the plastic.

For those folks in warmer climates, you still need to check all fluids before riding. And since most of you will be out riding during the winter months, be sure to get jetted. Cooler weather can change your ideal jet setup, and there’s no need to lose power if you don’t have to.

Also check your tire pressure because going from cold to hot during the day will cause the tires to swell and contract over time and you’ll lose tire pressure. And be easy on the filter oil. The winter air changes the viscosity of oil, making it flow less. Don’t overfill the oil system.

Finally, check your permits. You can avoid a big ticket by making sure you have that little sticker.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Feel free to use the Comment area of this post to add your own winterizing tips for UTVs.

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