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No Break for DragonFire Racing During Winter Break

January 14, 2011

DragonFire-Racing-Camping-UTVWhen you gather up some friends and set off for a three-day camping trip, most folks call that a vacation. But for the employees here at DragonFire Racing, such outings are called Research and Development.

Take our own Chris Moore for example. Chris is an Internet sales rep for DFR and over the holiday break, he and some friends — and their dogs — headed north to have a little fun in the woods.

Of course they also brought along a DragonFire Ranger XP in an ongoing effort to test DFR’s parts and accessories for UTVs. Yeah, it’s a busman’s holiday, but what are you going to do?

Cruise through the toughest terrain you can find is what you’re going to do, and Chris and his crew said the Ranger XP lived up to every expectation and then some. The only true definition for this DFR-outfitted UTV is unstoppable!

Assisted by our +4 Long Travel kit and the bench seats, nobody complained as the Ranger rocketed through the rugged mountains. In fact, it was so comfy that the dogs were napping most of the time.

Despite the high elevation, the DFR G3 fuel controller and DFR exhaust kept power loss to a minimum. The dogs weren’t talking, but the passengers said it was nearly unnoticeable at well above 10,000 feet. The only down side to the entire trip was a lack of snow. Which is just another excuse to hit the hills again later this winter.

And the consensus after this three-day R&D run? If you’ve got a Polaris Ranger, our performance products will take it from capable to unbelievable!

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