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DFR Introduces the All-New Commander’s Orders Power Package

March 09, 2011
Commander’s Orders Kit from DFR

Commander’s Orders Kit from DFR

Those engineering brainiacs here at DragonFire Racing recently put their heads together and came up with a great package that involves combining our Can-Am Commander Exhaust and Fuel Management products together.

And we’re calling the whole ball of wax “Commander’s Orders.”

At the core of this “power package” is a new ¾ exhaust system, manufactured by Yoshimura exclusively for DragonFire Racing, which allows the motor to pull further and longer while increasing peak horsepower. When used with our plug-n-play PIM-2 fuel management system, the gains become even more impressive, giving you the ability to optimize your fuel-injection system by remapping the delivery of fuel to the engine. The result is more power throughout the RPM range, as well as superior throttle response. Combine all this with a DATA Box by Yoshimura — which includes an air/fuel sensor and amplifier designed to automatically fine-tune the PIM-2’s fuel map for maximum performance — and you have a power package that can’t be beat.

The benefit of this power package is that it transforms a standard stock motor to a more powerful and efficient powerhouse. By using these products as a single unit, performance is absolutely maximized. And by purchasing the unit as a package — or kit if you will — you get a sizeable discount. To put it in dollars and cents, priced separately, the total would be nearly $1,600. But purchasing the Commander’s Orders kit brings that price down to $1,399 (a savings of more than $200).

You can purchase the exhaust system, PIM2 and Data Box separately, but a combo plate involving all three devices results in the ultimate performance upgrade.

For additional information on our innovative Commander’s Orders kit, visit

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