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Here’s the Ranger Harness Bar and Belt Kit

March 29, 2011
Polaris Ranger Harness Bar & Belt Kit

Polaris Ranger Harness Bar & Belt Kit

You’re absolutely right. The harness bar isn’t necessarily a brand-new idea, but as usual, we believe it’s important to put our own personal touch on everything we build, and so there you go.

This horizontal UTV harness bar is made of 1 ¾-inch mild steel, featuring a three-bolt clamshell clamp as well as laser-cut plate steel shoulder harness trappers that make the bar strong, simple and very practical. It takes only minutes to install and can be powder coated to match stock or aftermarket cages.

The whole idea behind the Ranger Harness Bar and Belt Kit is to give you a place to mount a four-point harness instead of stock automotive style belts. In most cases this will be the first thing you add to your UTV — which means you’ll be needing restraints as well.

Here at DragonFire, we’re known for having some of the best belts on the market, so we came up with the brilliant idea of putting this new product and a set of belts together for a discounted package price. Order one today and be safe tomorrow.

The DragonFire Racing Harness Kit and Belt Bar comes in four flavors:

[Millar Iverson@ 5/5/2012 10:57:00 AM]
How do you add a center harness with this kit? We have a child and the 3 of us like to go together. I’d like something better for her than a simple lap belt.
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