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With a DFR Half Windshield, You Now Get Less for Less

April 29, 2011

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Last year we trotted out brand new DragonFire Racing half windshields for your side-by-side and you responded by buying them up like they were selling at half price. Well, it’s been a year and we’ve decided to slash the price on these popular windshields — not by half, mind you — but pretty darned close.

How does $119.99 sound for a half-shield for your Rhino? That’s a 42 percent savings off the $205.99 price just last week. Gives you an extra $86 in your pocket. Or how about $139.99 instead of $205.99 for a new half windshield on your Teryx, saving you 32 percent or $66 — whichever way you decide to look at it? Finally, you can get a half windshield for your RZR for $125.99 instead of $165.99 — a savings of $40, or 24 percent.

Designed to custom fit your Rhino, RZR or Teryx ’chine, these half windshields are made of tough Lexan and feature a graphic at the bottom that cuts down on dashboard glare. A lip at the top reduces vibration and increases protection. And all the necessary mounting hardware is included.

Half shields are actually better at deflecting dust and wind from a driver’s face by diverting such flotsam and jetsam over the driver’s head. A full windshield has a tendency to suck the wind and dust back into the vehicle. Thus, half is better than whole when it comes for warmth and comfort behind the wheel of your SXS.

How long will this special pricing be available? Until further notice, say our bean counters. It’s basically a permanent reduction. No rush. Unless we run out. And then you’ll be sorry!

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