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Our New Can-Am Tie Rod Kit is Made of Strong Chrome Alloy

May 10, 2011
DFR Can-Am HD tie rod kit

DFR Can-Am HD tie rod kit

One thing’s for certain: Our new Can-Am HD tie rod kit won’t steer you wrong. Especially if you’re replacing your wimpy little stock tie rod kit for something with respectable additional strength.

Featuring full chrome alloy construction, this kit was built to be “rode hard and put away wet.”

The construction includes a chrome alloy heat-treated tie rod shaft, chrome alloy hiem joints and chrome alloy clevis ends. These tie rods are designed specifically for the rough and tumble ride you experience off-road, and were just released by DFR after months of development.

The kit is straight replacement – just drop it into the stock location and bolt ’er up. Priced at $249.16, our Can-Am HD tie rod kit offers a quick and easy repair for a damaged tie rod, getting you back in the dirt or sand in rapid fashion.

For more information, see the Can-Am HD tie rod kit on the DragonFire Racing website.

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