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DFR Scores a Triple Win for the 2011 GNCC Season

November 01, 2011

We’re not really big on coincidences here at DragonFire Racing, so when it turns out that the top three winning machines in the 2011 GNCC championship are decked out with a raft of our racing components, we’re thinking we’re on the right track.

The 2011 GNCC season wrapped up at the “Ironman GNCC ” late last month in Crawfordsville, Ind., with our own sponsored rider, William Yokley, walking off with the open modified UTV title in his National Guard Polaris Coastal DragonFire racer. This championship is the second in a row for Yokley, and his calculated second-place finish in the Crawfordsville race gave him enough points to seal the deal in his Ranger RZR XP 900.

Although Team Hendershot won the final race, Yokley amassed the points to edge out his imposing father/son competitors. Yokley Racing’s Scott Kiger finished third for the day and for the entire season — hanging close behind Yokley most of the year.

But the real winner for the day — and the season — was DragonFire with all three of the podium winners competing in machines that featured DFR components. That’s a win, place and show in our books… and we couldn’t be prouder!

All three of the winning machines were modified with DragonFire’s Yokley Woods Edition RZR XP suspension kits that were specifically designed for GNCC racing. What this kit does is actually narrow the RZR XP body by three inches on each side, making it six inches “skinnier” than stock. Why do that, you ask?

In a setting like the one presented to racers at Crawfordsville last month, tight tree sections are a part of the run, and a narrower profile helps maneuver through those impenetrable obstacles. Not only do the vehicles avoid the trees, but the cars remain plenty stable enough for racing through the cornfields and overcoming the streambeds and hill climbs that prompted the addition of the name “Ironman” to this race.

The fact that all three season-winning racers sported our equipment is validating, to be sure. But there’s more! In addition to the suspension improvements provided by yours truly, Yokley’s racer included the DragonFire’s RZR XP dual exhaust, Racing Woods cam, Low Boy doors, DragonBack seats, SFI-approved competition harness and our quick-detach steering wheel. And, of course, the winning UTV was highlighted by our just-released DragonSkins numberplate system. These personal ID plates are available — along with all of the other award-winning components mentioned here — in our new 2012 catalog.

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