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Our New 5-point Restraints Awarded SFI Certification

December 19, 2011

The 5-point DragonFire H-Style Race Harness

When it comes to belting up for safety — even if your idea of a Sunday drive involves dirt, dunes and offroad racing in extreme conditions — DragonFire Racing has a five-point harness system that would make even the strictest high school hall monitor nod with approval.

In fact, we just learned that our latest racing restraint systems — the DragonFire H-Style Race Harness — has received SFI Foundation certification, which in the world of offroad racing products is tantamount to receiving the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. In other words, it’s a big deal.

It means our H-style race harness systems have been deemed safe for racing, enabling riders to concentrate more on their driving skills, leaving safety concerns in the hands of the experts — us.

The SFI Foundation is a Calif.-based nonprofit that issues and administers standards for racing equipment. By adhering to SFI standards, manufacturers like DragonFire Racing adopt safety standards that are part of the rules of some of racing’s largest and most respected sanctioning organizations, including WORCS and SCORE. By seeking this prestigious certification, we allowed SFI to inspect our records and equipment in order to determine that our gear meets the organization’s strict safety certifying standards.

We think SFI’s certification is an excellent program that ultimately benefits racers and consumers alike.

All DragonFire belts start out at least three inches wide to better disperse impact, while our latest five-point restraint keeps racers firmly in place. In fact, the most basic belts we offer are so far superior to OEM baseline models that our customers keep telling us that swapping out restraint systems is one of the first items on their upgrade checklist.

The SFI-certified H-Style Race Harness is engineered to run around the headrest in order to remain firmly in place on your shoulders, secured with our sturdy sternum strap. If you race, our SFI Certified DragonFire H-Style Race Harness is definitely worth a look.

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