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2016 M.O.R.E. Powder Puff Race Towards A CureDragonFire For Can-AmPARTY AT THE RIVERWeller Wraps Up SoCal SeriesA WINNING TICKET
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2016 M.O.R.E. Powder Puff Race Towards A Cure

November 04, 2016 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0 Comments]

Since 2005, the Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.) Powder Puff event has been raising money and awareness to beat breast cancer. On Saturday, October 15, a full field of female racers headed to the desert just outside Barstow, CA, to race towards a cure. The Powder Puff race has always been special to DragonFire, but this year was exceptional and a key component of our efforts to “think pink” that included raffling off 15 sets of pink restraints at the Sand Sports Super Show, Arizona Off-Road Expo and Off-Road Expo in Pomona. 


DragonFire's Pro UTV racer Lacrecia Beurrier teamed up with our own operations controller, Amy Johnson, for this year's Powder Puff. “I have never forgotten how it all started for me at the M.O.R.E. Powder Puff event,” says the 3X Mint 400 winner and emergency room nurse. “I had never even driven the Rhino before my first Powder Puff. I finished 4th out of 10 girls and racing became a passion after that. I continue to race and raise money to help breast cancer awareness to this day.”



Breast cancer remains a serious issue: Nearly 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2016 alone, an estimated 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 61,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer according to non-profit 


“The 2016 Powder Puff was a huge success for us this year,” she says. “We didn’t win, but we raced our hearts out.” Although Lacrecia and Amy had some of the fastest lap times on the day, they sacrificed their race to help another team in need. “At an event like this, everyone is a winner!”

It began on a beautiful Saturday morning with friends and family supporting the race towards a cure. “Amy and I climbed in my amazing Polaris RZR to see how many laps we could get in a 3-hour race.” They lined up with six other UTVs and a multitude of buggies and trucks, including everyone’s favorite, the stock VW Bugs. When the green flag dropped, Team DragonFire took no prisoners and began passing everyone in front of Lacrecia's hot pink RZR. 


About half way around the first 12.5 mile loop, they ran into two slower buggies and a Side-X-Side. “The dust was terrible, making it difficult to get around them. Finally, coming to a widened portion of the track, we jammed around and headed for pit row for another lap.” As luck would have it, the slower traffic made it possible for the #1946 Polaris RZR to catch up and go around just before Amy and Lacrecia hit the 50mph zone through the pits. 



“Not to worry, we kept her in sight and the two of us ran a blistering 2nd lap with only one other buggy keeping us from being the overall cars on the track.” But the beginning of the 3rd lap brought trouble as the Rockstar Racing-built RZR blew a belt and Amy was unable to get the remaining strands of belt out of the clutch. “The team lost a lap, by the time the crew could catch up, but Lacrecia was confident she could make up the time. 


“About a half mile later we came across a VW bug on its side with the girls still inside. We immediately pulled over and jumped out to help. The girls were beginning to panic, so we helped them out as quickly as we could. We decided that no one else was coming to their aid, so we pulled out a tow strap and hooked it up to our RZR and pulled their car over. The girls assured us they were okay so we strapped back in and continued to race. Even though we were now several laps down, we continued to see how fast we could push this little pink car around the track.”


Around and around they raced, across the toughest whoops, deepest holes and an awesome downhill rock crawl track. “We were ecstatic to see the VW bug that we had helped also continuing to race,” says our resident Good Samaritan. “We gave them a siren as we went by on our way to pit row. We came upon some slow vehicles again and as we passed them in the dust we once again (just like last year), were heading the wrong way on the track! The #2911 RZR was right behind us and began to search for the correct line. We followed her and were soon back on track! Thanks for the help Renee! Not sure exactly how that happened, but we motored on laughing at ourselves.”


The last lap went by fast and Amy and Lacrecia crossed the finish line in 6th place. “Not the finish we had hoped for, but we were not at all disappointed. We were so glad that we were there in the right place at the right time to help those girls out of the bug that nothing else mattered. Not only did we have a great day racing, we made some new dirt friends! I would sacrifice my race any day to make sure fellow racers are safe as I know they would do the same for me.”


In the end, the MORE Powder Puff Race Towards a Cure was able to raise approximately $16,000 for breast cancer research! In addition to her annual donations to the Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer research fund, Lacrecia stepped it up this year raffling off a custom-painted replica helmet and matching pink jersey with the drawing for the winner taking place at the Powder Puff race. 


“Nearly 12% of American women can expect to develop breast cancer in their lifetime,” she adds. “I have the pink highlights and ribbons on the race car for those that have lost, are fighting or have won their battle with cancer. I want to honor them and hopefully give them or their family a smile.”


“Special thanks to Monster Energy, Mothers Polish and AO Coolers for supplying some great prizes for the raffle! Thank you to DragonFire Racing, MSR, Rugged Radio and Chris Shelton for the helmet that we able to contribute an extra $320 to the cause! Congratulations to Aaron Farris for winning that amazing helmet. As always, thank you to all my great sponsors for giving us a superior car to race with!”

DragonFire For Can-Am

October 28, 2016 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0 Comments]

Exclusive Arrangement Begins With Defender

Tough. Capable. Clever. Can-Am's Defender is ready for anything… and everything. So is the full range of accessories DragonFire has developed exclusively for Can-Am. From side runners and bumpers to Exo-Frame protection, DragonFire has the Defender covered in a partnership kicking off with Can-Am for 2017.


“Add even more versatility to the Defender line of utility-recreation side-by-side vehicles by using genuine DragonFire for Can-Am accessories to make it your own,” says Can-Am’s Allen Bernais, Powersports Product Manager Accessories & Riding Gear at BRP. “DragonFire has years of researching and developing innovative solutions and their passion and enthusiasm matches BRP/Can-Am's own, which made them the ideal partner to develop accessories for our Defender.”


 “Our components are engineered to be light weight without sacrificing strength,” adds DragonFire Sales & Marketing Manager Megan Dible. “We share BRP/Can-Am's goal to provide tough, capable and clever products. Our accessories are all bolt-on, which allows for you to add some serious protection and style to your Defender without any cutting or welding required.” 


Among the DragonFire for Can-Am exclusive products available for the 2017 Defender are cargo bed roll bars, front and rear bumpers, Exo-Frame protection front and rear, side runners and spare tire                                                                                    holders all available in a choice of black or                                                                                                  Squadron Green. 


Bed Roll Bars:

  • Made of 1.75'' (4.4 cm) diameter steel tubing with durable powdercoat finish
  • Helps protect cab components from cargo load
  • Rugged look and perfectly contoured to match the vehicle's lines
  • Required to install the DragonFire Spare Tire Carrier
  • “DragonFire for Can-Am”' branded


Front & Rear Bumpers:

  • Made of 1.5" (3.8 cm) diameter steel tubing with durable powdercoat finish
  • Delivers additional frontal protection
  • Rugged look and perfectly contoured to match vehicle lines
  • Integrated mounting plates for the 10" (25 cm) Double Stacked LED Light Bar (60 watts), the 4" (10 cm) Round LED Lights (2 x 25 watts)
  • “DragonFire for Can-Am” branded


Front & Rear ExoFrame Protection:

  • Made of 1.5'' (3.8 cm) diameter steel tubing with durable powdercoat finish
  • Full front-corner side-body and headlight protection
  • Rugged look and perfectly contoured to match vehicle lines
  • Mounting point allows the installation of a round-format light at roll cage base
  • DragonFire Bumper required for installation
  • Sold in pairs
  • “DragonFire for Can-Am” branded


Side Runners:

  • Made of 1.25'' (3.2 cm) diameter steel tubing with durable powdercoat finish
  • Protects vehicle’s lower side without affecting ground clearance
  • Rugged look and perfectly contoured to match vehicle lines
  • Slotted steel plate step provides extra grip and makes vehicle's access easier
  • Offers full side protection combined with DragonFire Front & Rear Exo-Frame
  • Sold in pairs
  • “DragonFire for Can-Am” branded


Spare Tire Holders

  • Made of 1.5" (3.8 cm) diameter steel tubing with durable powdercoat finish
  • Easy-to-install convenient cargo bed spare-tire mount (tire not included)
  • Requires the DragonFire Cargo Bed Roll Bar
  • “DragonFire for Can-Am” branded


Any job worth doing, is worth doing right… see your authorized BRP/Can-Am dealer for the exclusive Defender accessory offerings or click here:




October 28, 2016 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0 Comments]

Beurrier, Griffin & VanBeekum Rock At The BlueWater Desert Challenge

Best In The Desert's BlueWater Desert Challenge Presented By Polaris is as much a party at the Colorado river as it is a race… at least for the spectators. For Team DragonFire racers Lacrecia Beurrier, Russell Griffin and Bobby VanBeekum there was some real work to be done while everyone else was rocking at the River on October 6-8.


Lady luck smiled on Lacrecia Beurrier who drew 2nd position, just behind the legendary Larry Ragland. “The Desert Challenge is one of my favorite races,” says Lacrecia. “I was super excited to start just out of the top 10 and # 2 position in the Pro Production 1000 class.” Starting from the front was a good thing, since she is in a tight battle for the Best In The Desert season points standings.

“My co-driver, Preston Alexus, and I knew we had to push the limits if we wanted to finish on the podium,” says the 2015 BITD Unlimited Class UTV champ, but the two-day format also meant pacing yourself. “To finish first, you must finish, first,” she jokes. “Day 1 started out just as we expected, extremely dusty. Not a breath of wind was felt as we lined up next to fellow DragonFire racer, Bobby VanBeekum.”


It was a drag race between the two pros, and with his wealth of short course experience, Lacrecia knew that Bobby was going to be tough to beat. “When the light went green we stuck with him until the last second when he squeezed in front of us. We sped on, trying to keep his lights in sight. Suddenly, he veered off the track! And there we were sitting in a podium spot. We raced on, through the giant sand whoops in blinding dust. We made to the river and my favorite part of the track. The track is wet, less dust, tight corners, big whoops and a paved straight away!”


The paved straight away is where the fun really began. “We got my Polaris RZR up to 82.4 mph on the pavement before heading back under the bridge and into the sand! Thanks to the CP pistons and rods, head work with WebCam Racing Cams and tuning by Mark Queen of Queen Racing and the crank balanced by Kincaid Racing, we were faster than most of the other normally aspirated cars… and most of the turbo cars, too!”


While the spectators watched from party boats moored in the Colorado river, the racers continued to rock around the track for 6 laps. “Round and round we went, passing cars and trying to keep the rest of the pack behind us. We finished Day 1 5th place in Pro Production 1000 and 10th overall. Great start, but we knew we had to lay it down on Day 2 if we wanted to finish on the box and keep alive in the BITD title chase.” Woods racers Russell Griffin and Jimmy Keys brought the Keycrete car in just behind Lacrecia, lucky 13 in Production 1000, but no luck for Bobby VanBeekum who put it on the trailer and headed for home.  


Day 2 had Lacrecia starting up front in the top 10 again, but with a new co-driver. “Preston had to return to work at the Lake Havasu City Fire Department, so my good friend and crew member, Mike Colosimo hopped into the passenger seat. Mike was told to push me as much as possible as we wanted that podium spot! We lined up next to a turbo Can-Am and he proved to be no match for my Queen Racing-powered Polaris RZR. We left him in our dust!”


Dust was the word of the day for Day 2. “We raced in the worst dust ever and chased down #2907 and raced him for half a lap before leaving him in our dust as well,” says the 3X Mint 400 winner. When the dust finally settled on Day 2, Lacrecia and Mike finished the BlueWater Desert Challenge 3rd place in Pro Production 1000. “I drove my fastest ever and pushed myself harder than ever… guess Mike Colosimo did his job telling me to push?”


The Keyscrete boys bagged 13th overall and 5th in the Production 1000 class, but claimed they had more fun than anyone on the course. “Having fun is what it all about, and we definitely won the fun run!”


By finishing 10th overall, ahead of many of the Turbos, Lacrecia gained a great starting position for the final round of the BITD series in December. “We are currently in 2nd place in the championship points, but the top 5 are very close together,” she says. “The last race of the season will determine our final spot.”


Weller Wraps Up SoCal Series

October 19, 2016 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0 Comments]

Adds Another SR1 Title & Second In Hotly Contested Production 1000 Class

It's a wrap! Weller wins again as the final round of the Lucas Oil Regional SoCal Series is in the books as Corry battled all series long with Yamaha teammate Dustin Nelson in both the Production 1000 Class and the SR1 championship. The two were clearly the class of the field as Nelson won the Production 1000 title with seven first place finishes (he never finished lower than second all season). Corry had six podium finishes and between the two racers, Yamaha’s YXZ1000R won every race in the series.

Corry finished the SoCal regionals an impressive 47 points ahead of the rest of the Production 1000 class in her Weller Racing/DragonFire YXZ1000R, and is also running second in the Lucas Oil Regional Series in Arizona. For good measure she won The Off-Road Championship (TORC) series’ first ever Pro Stock UTV Championship last month, becoming the first driver to win a national championship in the YXZ1000R, and the first woman to win a TORC series of any class.


Even without traveling east to take the TORC crown, Corry had a busy couple of months! “We headed into this weekend of racing still running full steam ahead from three straight weekends of displaying our YXZs at the Sand Sports Super Show, the AZ Offroad Expo and the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo in Pomona,” she says. She did more than display in Pomona though as she took lucky winners on the rides of their lives around the MAVTV Proving Grounds all weekend long! 


“After the shows, we gave the Optima Batteries SR1 and my DragonFire Racing/Yamaha YXZ a quick race prep and headed out again to California for the final round of racing in SoCal. We arrived just in time to jump in both cars for practice. There were some track changes for this race, and we wanted to be sure we were dialed in on those changes before the racing started.”



Production 1000 qualifying was first, and Corry searched for the fastest lines on a not-so-great track.  “We turned some solid laps, and came away with a 2nd place qualifier. With a two-car inversion drawn, that would give us the pole position for the start of the race.” Then she switched to her “Honey Badger” SR1 and headed back out to the track.  


“After a less than stellar weekend at Elsinore the race prior, I wanted to put down a solid qualifier to be sure Elsinore knew she didn’t beat us! Despite a flat right rear tire, I ripped off some quick laps and grabbed the fast time. Jason pulled a 6 for the inversion which would give me a 3rd row, outside starting position for the race (yes, I made sure to thank him for that!).”



Production 1000 would be first, with Corry in 2nd place in the Championship chase just behind Yamaha teammate, Dustin Nelson. “If he finished well, he had the title locked up, and I wanted to be sure I did the same, to give Yamaha a solid 1-2 for the Championship overall. I got a good start, but the track started off pretty bad, and between the dicing for line choice and some pretty rough driving all around me, I got shuffled back a little each lap.”


Not good enough for the recently crowned TORC Champ. “I found myself in 5th place at some point, and knew that wasn’t going to cut it, so I changed up my lines, put my head down and made a drive to the front. I quickly passed everyone except for Nelson, who was running a solid race up front.” When the checked flag came out, Corry crossed behind Dustin for a 1-2 finish, and a 1-2 finish in the Championship as well. “Consistency wins championships, and we had a few issues that put us behind this season,” she says. “But we have learned from them and will come back stronger in 2017.”  


Once the podium celebration was over, Corry jumped into her SR1 and headed back to staging to hopefully wrap up another SR1 Championship! “Honey Badger was feeling great, and I just needed to finish with a 5th place or better to get the Championship,” she says. “As we rolled to the green flag I was looking forward to the battle ahead.”


Green flag! “My side got a good start and we all railed along the outside of turn one. I quickly slotted into the third position and waited for my chance to get around another DragonFire guy, Ronnie Renner.” That chance came on lap 2, as Renner lost traction out of turn one. Corry then set her sights on 1st place, Curtis Frost. “He had built up a nice lead, but I had a lot of time to reel him in, so I just worked on my lines and focused on not making any mistakes. I got my chance to pass as he lost a left front tire going into turn 1, and then I had clean air and a wide open track.”


“I was leading at the mandatory caution, but knew Nelson was right behind me. On the restart, Dustin dove down low and managed to get ahead of me, but I got a good drive out and it was an all-out drag race to turn 2.  From then on, we had a really close battle, swapping the lead a few times and racing hard until he bobbled in turn 2. Then I was able to extend my lead and get a little breathing room.”


On the final lap, I just stayed out of trouble and crossed the checkers as the winner of the race as well as the Championship. It was a great race, and I got a lot of comments from the fans that they thought it was the best race of the year!”


Next up, Corry still has to battle Dustin at the Lucas Oil Regional Arizona wrap up in November, where she will be racing for three more Championships that weekend. “Then it is on to the Best In The Desert Pahrump 250 in December, so our season isn’t over just yet!”



Round 8 Prod 1000 Podium:

Dustin Nelson

Corry Weller

Keith Brooks 


Round 8 SR1 Podium:

Corry Weller

Dustin Nelson

Matt Land


Overall Points Championships:

Production 1000

Dustin Nelson 

Corry Weller

Brad Deberti



Corry Weller

Dustin Nelson

Matt Land


October 13, 2016 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0 Comments]

Vote For DragonFire SS & Defender SS Mirrors!


Don't get caught up in the political rhetoric, vote for a winner in 2016! DragonFire elevated our popular SuperSport SS Side Mirror platform to new heights with the introduction of the articulating Defender SS Mirror last year. There is no smoke with these mirrors… what you see is what you get! 

Partisans will be proud of the fact that our SS and Defender SS Mirrors are 100% made in America. Our features and benefits are more than idle campaign promises, they are facts. The clever indexed pivot mechanism allows mirrors to move out of the way of trail side or trailer hazards. Once the situation has been cleared, the Defender can quickly be returned to its original position.


A full 4-inch convex mirror ensures a full field of vision for both the SS and Defender SS versions. They are also push-adjust so that you can change your viewing angle without the need for any tools… or even getting out of the car. These mirrors attach to the cage using a billet clamp with a two-bolt mounting system to make sure the mirrors stay put! 

Talk about bipartisan, mounting clamps are available in 1 3/4" for virtually all Polaris RZR applications and 1 7/8" common to most Kawasaki UTVs. There are even 2" clamps for the Can-Am contingent. For more details, see our campaign platform at: 
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