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July 18, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

RacePace RZR Bumper Promotion

One of the first products DragonFire developed still remains one of the most popular!  The RacePace line started with the front "Bash" and rear "Smash" bumpers as the cornerstones to our modular cage component systems. This system allows cash-strapped RZR owners to gradually build-up their own RacePace replica of the first Project X build that made its debut on the Destination Polaris TV show more than four years ago.


To celebrate this success, DragonFire's "Bumper Bash" promotion is back this summer… and better than ever! In addition to offering ridiculous prices on bumpers, you can accelerate the deal to RacePace by getting an even better discount by buying them as a package deal. Best of all, we are offering free shipping while the Bumper Bash promotion continues. 


These killer prices will enable you to continue cranking up the heat headed into dune season, but don't chill too long! When the summer ends, so does this special program! Take advantage of the Bumper Bash Promotion and... Feel the Heat!

Crank Up The AC/DC

July 10, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

DragonFire Is Back In Black!

Crank up the AC/DC because DragonFire is back in black! Black hardware for our world famous 4-point harnesses, that is. We are constantly taking feedback and implementing what we learn into new and improved products. One thing we have heard loud and clear is that black is back! 


Black belts aren't just for karate experts any more. DragonFire now has 4-Point harnesses with matching black hardware. We have also added colors, including orange and pink, but the big news is more than just cosmetic. Now our 3-inch belts incorporate plush memory foam shoulder strap pads, making for a much more comfortable feel, with no loss in security… if anything you can belt in even tighter.


While we are on a musical note, we can keep singing our praises with the fact that we have incorporated all of these upgraded features without jacking up the price. Now you can match almost any color scheme on the planet. With multiple sizes and patterns to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect fit for everyone. Don't forget about DragonFire's SFI-approved 5-point competition harnesses for those who want to accelerate to RacePace. 


Whether it is racing, rock crawling or running down to the North 40, DragonFire harnesses combine comfort and safety with style! One last high note in honor of Angus is the fact that we can retrofit most vehicles with a harness bar even if your UTV didn't come with one.  With our "LockDown" Harness Bar & Belt Kits, we will have you ready to rock!

Keys To Success:

July 02, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

DragonFire's Heavy Duty A-Arms & Gusset Kits 


Jimmy Keys races his XP1K in the UTV Rally Raid Series down south. Conditions can be brutal for the four hours of adrenaline-packed wide open racing against the clock. Think of European Rally-style driving combined with a Baja format (including pit stops) and throw in the fact that the UTVRR courses are 12 miles long! They have also been described as the most fun you can have with your clothes on… but we are focused on feeling a different kind of heat here!


After finishing on the podium several times last year and taking 3rd overall in the series, Jimmy is back with the Keyscrete XP1K this season… but this time he has a secret weapon! In order to run even faster he needed to know that his RZR could handle the 4-hour torture test. The new Polaris XP1K has more than enough power to start bending and breaking things when you push it past the limits of sanity, like Jimmy routinely does, so DragonFire developed a race-worthy solution with our heavy duty A-arms and gusset kits. 


Retaining the stock geometry, we increased the strength of the arms by TIG-welding larger diameter Chromoly tubing together. We also added multiple colors so that you can get the strength without compromising style. Next, we looked at the A-arm mounting tabs. 


As Jimmy can tell you, people have literally ripped arms out of the frame. Based on DragonFire's years of experience building Baja-beating machines, we know that gusseting is one of the "keys" to a sturdy front end. 

DragonFire's laser cut steel gusset kit is just what the doctor ordered. It more than doubles the thickness of stock suspension mounting tabs, dramatically increasing the strength of the front-end. Combine DragonFire's HD A-arms with our gusset kits and it should stand up to a four hour UTVRR, no problem! 


For more info on the UTV Rally Raid series, go to: www.utvrallyraid.com  

For DragonFire's A-Arms and Gusset kits, go to: 



June 25, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

Door Kits For Can-Am's Maverick Max & Commander Max


What's the only thing better than a couple of DragonFire's new doors? How about 4 doors! That's right, we are doubling up on the door offerings we have for Can-Am Side-X-Sides by adding our HiBoy door kits for the Maverick Max and Commander Max models.

Rhetorical questions aside, the correct answer is always DragonFire. Although we like to race and recreate as much as the next guy, we are very serious about being known as the leaders in Side-X-Side parts and accessories business. Crawling around the slick rock at Moab and the long weekends at Glamis are just some of the sacrifices we make to ensure everything we produce is the best it can possibly be. Our Locked & Secured HiBoy Doors are a true testament to this philosophy. 

The prototypes passed all the torture testing we could throw at them with flying colors! Our Can-Am door kits have been engineered to the highest possible standards and specifically tailored to these vehicles. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to developing doors that look like they came as original equipment from Can-Am.

Featuring all steel frames with aluminum skins, true slam-shut automotive-style latches, integrated locking mechanisms, limit straps and much more, DragonFire doors live up to their "Locked & Secured" name. Although it takes considerably more engineering, field testing and manufacturing time to make doors the DragonFire way, the outcome is a superior functioning and looking design.


It is a sure bet that doubling up on DragonFire doors will make Maverick Max 

and Commander Max owners twice as happy!


June 20, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

Get A Good Look At Project X4

Time to tune in to Destination Polaris to see what the deal is with our "Dual-Sport" Polaris project. Think of it as Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Hyde since this monster has its refined side, too! Rather than a compromise between recreation and work, DragonFire's mad scientists have cooked up the ultimate win-win machine! It can do anything and everything, but we still think you will be surprised how we achieved these goals.


Just like a Sunday morning matinee, you can see the split personality of this project emerge on screen. The monster 31" ITP tires and aggressive stance would lead you to believe this is a hardcore hunting and recreation rig, however the HeadAche racks and WARN winches make this rig more than ready for work. Work or play, there were no half-measures on this build!


Set your DVR for Sunday to see the twisted tale of two masters struggling for control of one machine's destiny!  All the details of DragonFire’s Project X4 can finally be revealed on Destination Polaris. Now shown on Fox Sports Net, the show reaches more than 80 million homes each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and re-airs on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. (all times local). For a sneak peak click here: http://bit.ly/1srlEhs


More details about Destination Polaris can be found at the www.DestinationPolaris.com website. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out www.DragonFireRacing.com as well as “Like” DragonFire on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DragonFireRacing and check us out on Instagram at: www.instavillage.com/u/DragonFireRacing

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