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February 24, 2015 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

UTV Industry Feels The Heat!


In a very bold stroke, UTV Underground, Mad Media and Best In The Desert teamed up to create the 2015 UTV World Championship. Polaris RZR stepped up as the presenting sponsor and the industry now has a flagship event specifically for UTVs rather than being lumped in with a dozen other vehicle classes at a typical race. Of course DragonFire had to be in the middle of the action. In addition to staking our claim in the tech/contingency area, several DragonFire-backed teams were entered into this history making happening.

With the spotlight shining on this event, Team DragonFire-sponsored athlete Lacrecia Beurrier decided to make a bold statement of her own, stepping up to the Unlimited Pro class, starting with the World Championship. Another DragonFire backed team SDI/Carr One was also looking to grab a little limelight in the Production Class, sending a squad of three different machines to Laughlin. While Lacrecia entered the longer desert course, a shorter loop was set up for the production classes. A record 68 cars entered into the Production Class, but unfortunately gremlins did in all three of the SDI/Carr One cars.

DragonFire-Backed Robert VanBeekum was there as well in his Muzzys RZR. He had axle issues throughout the race and went from 1st to DNF in the Production 1000 class. Despite the DNF, Robert was stoked to be part of history. "The turn out for this inaugural event was fantastic and we hope it will become a mainstay in racing," he says. "A huge thank-you to UTV Underground, Best In The Desert and Polaris for putting on a great event." We couldn't agree more, Robert.
DragonFire rolled into Laughlin, Nevada, for the UTV World Championship for the pre-race festivities and quickly found out that the UTV community had taken over! Excitement was high as more than 120 UTV racers showed up hoping to take home their own piece of UTV history. After a meet & greet that pulled in the who’s who of the sport, DragonFire was ready to kick off this race weekend with a bang!

Contingency was packed as BITD promoters fought for enough space to fit all of the vendors and industry types into one area. Clearly the vendors were just as excited as the racers to finally have a dedicated UTV race. After a quick set-up, DragonFire was ready for the party to begin.

When the gates opened, a sea of racers and spectators flowed in to check out all of the action. DragonFire had people backed up waiting to check out the latest and greatest products for 2015. In fact DragonFire burned through all the 2015 catalogs and assorted swag in a matter of minutes! It seemed as if there was no specific area of the sport or the country represented as DragonFire reps met fans and customers from across the USA. From 9am to 6pm contingency was crawling with thousands off-road fanatics.
Lacrecia's Laughlin gamble paid off, big. The DragonFire crew back home in Arizona was ecstatic to find out that she had put her Polaris XP 1000 on the box, locking down a 3rd place finish in the Unlimited Pro UTV class. All in all it was a great weekend and a huge hit for the SxS community. DragonFire would like to thank Polaris, UTV Underground, Mad Media and Best in the Desert for putting on a historic event — we cannot wait to come back next year!


February 18, 2015 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

Party With Us In Laughlin


It's time for the first ever Best In The Desert UTV World Championship presented! Come kick it with DragonFire as we join in on the action at contingency in Laughlin, Nevada this weekend. Cheer on DragonFire-sponsored Unlimited UTV Pro driver Lacrecia Beurrier as she battles it out with the big boys by moving up to the Unlimited class for the first time. We will be showing off the hottest new products for 2015 under the DragonFire tent! With $100,000 on the line, the UTV World Championship set to take place February 19th through the 21st is drawing all the heavy hitters to Laughlin, Nevada, hoping to strike it rich.


Lacrecia is hoping to hit the jackpot in this gambling mecca and take the inaugural World Championship title. "We wanted to make a real statement," she says of her move up to an unlimited machine. "Where better than the UTV World Championship to step things up? My Polaris RZR-based racer was already plenty fast, but the CP-Carrillo big bore kit makes this car a real fire breather!" She is going to need the extra horsepower to compete with the anything goes machines in the unlimited class — aftermarket superchargers and high-performance motorcycle engines are perfectly legal!


A brand new addition to the off-road racing schedule, the event actually features two world class UTV races in one: a Best In The Desert Championship points race, and a short course Production UTV Championship race. In addition to the $100,000 purse, Polaris RZR will be awarding the winner of both races a new Polaris RZR XP1000! “This event was created with two goals in mind," explains UTVUnderground.com CEO "Joey D.” DiGiovanni. "Number one was to give the sport an event that we could be proud of and claim as our own. Number two was to give the racers an event where they were treated as the pros that they are."



Come by contingency row in downtown Laughlin to see the new Unlimited Class car live and in person. Be sure to stop by and see our guys Joe and Kevin, they will hook you up with some cool DragonFire swag bags including a special promo code event ticket for 12% off anything you order at our Southern Nevada-based dealer RideNow Powersports on Craig. Grab some sun screen and the whole family and make the trip to the beautiful Laughlin for some off-road fun in the sun! We guarantee some great weather and UTV racing action!


A special shout out to Lacrecia's sponsors for being willing to take the leap of faith and step up to the Unlimited class, including DragonFire, AZ West, Polaris Industries, Bell, BS Sand, Bulldog LED lights, CP-Carrillo, Dalton Industries, Elka, Gates, ITP, Lonestar Racing, Monster Seal, Mothers, Raceline Wheels, Rockstar Customs, Royal Purple and Rugged Radios. Get all the race details at:



February 13, 2015 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

DragonFire Has Heated Seat Pads! 

It is that time of year again! Punxsutawney Phil buried his head in the sand and we are looking at another six weeks of winter… minimum. However you don't have to be a ground hog and miss some prime UTV riding time, you just need to feel a little heat. Wait a minute, that is where DragonFire comes in! Our popular universal seats pads now have built-in heating elements to extend your season. 


Hard wire it into your rig or use the optional external battery pack for heat on the go, these heated seat pads are just what the doctor ordered for those winter rides. Available with a choice of all black or camo, these pads look like OEM accessories. If you do happen to live somewhere warmer and don't need a heating element, DragonFire pads can also extend the time you spend in the saddle.


No matter how much of a diehard enthusiast you may be, stock seats can be a pain in the posterior! It doesn't matter who you ask, a little comfort goes a long way, so count on DragonFire to cover your… um, offer an expanded range of seating options! In addition to our popular line-up of HighBack seats, DragonFire universal seat pads provide unmatched comfort without becoming a pain in your… wallet.


Be vewwy vewwy quiet, Nick is hunting for a DragonFire Seat Pad

These cushions start with a super comfy layer of gel padding between you and the seat, while the heavy duty canvas covers make for superior durability. Easily detachable and totally portable, they can be taken with you to the tree stand, duck blind or cheap seats at the UTV World Championships to keep you comfortable just about anywhere. 


Nobody likes a numb bum, cracked coccyx or sore sciatic nerve, so hunt down one of DragonFire's plush gel pads. Better yet, get the heated version so that you can literally… "Feel The Heat" with DragonFire!


February 12, 2015 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]
 DragonFire Wheels Out Sport V Kits
Remember the old Pirelli tire ad campaign with the "Power Is Nothing Without Control" tagline? For once there is some truth in advertising! Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference — All the horsepower in the world doesn't do you any good if you can't control it! Turbocharged 120+ Horsepower Can-Am powerplants are great, but you need a guidance control system for those rocket ships!  Enter DragonFire mission control!


The primary point of control in any UTV is the steering wheel. Pretty simple concept, really. However it helps to explain the incredible popularity of our Quick Release Steering Wheel Kits. In addition to improved control, DragonFire wheels offer the added benefit of vehicle security by being easily removable. Now we are rolling out a new wheel that offers even more control.


DragonFire rounds out our steering wheel line with the introduction of the "Sport V" Kit. This new wheel matches our fan favorite "Sport" wheel, including the 3" deep offset that brings the wheel closer to the driver for more control. The primary difference in the "V" wheel is the vinyl wrapped hoop which offers an enhanced tactile feel and superior durability! 


With the addition of the Sport V option, DragonFire now has the perfect steering wheel for everyone. Each Quick Release Kit comes complete with a steering wheel of your choice, billet quick-release hub and billet spline adapter. Control: that's how DragonFire rolls!

Can-Am Manta Green

February 05, 2015 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

DragonFire Accelerates Can-Am DS To RacePace


Whether it is being the first to the finish line at a Best In The Desert Race or being the first one to the top of the tallest dune, UTV people have a competitive streak! No surprise that when Can-Am came out with Maverick ds and turbo ds, everyone wanted that edge. Fortunately for them, DragonFire just boosted Can-Am's red hot Maverick X ds to RacePace!


We just had to put DragonFire's signature touch on these beasts. So we went back to the drawing board and created a full line of RacePace components specifically for the new Turbo Mavericks. From the front "Bash" bumper and Flying V/dash bar to the rear "Smash" bumper and BackBones, DragonFire has raced ahead of the pack with a full range of RacePace components for the Mavericks… in Manta Green, no less!


We know that not everyone will go green, so we are offering RacePace components for the Maverick ds series (turbo/standard and 2- or 4-doors) in basic black powdercoat as well as the Manta Green. We also have new graphics for our doors to match. No matter what color scheme you choose, others will be green with envy when you show up with a new Maverick that has been accelerated to RacePace.


As with all DragonFire products, the Can-Am RacePace components are engineered to be lightweight without sacrificing strength. Even better, RacePace accessories are a totally modular system, so you can add as much or as little of the line as you like. For the shade tree mechanics out there, they are also all bolt-on, which allows for you to add some serious protection and style to your ride without any cutting or welding required.


Time to accelerate your Turbo Maverick X ds to RacePace and… FEEL THE HEAT!


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