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Vegas To Reno Race Report

August 19, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]
Tough Ending To Longest Race In North America

Race promoter Casey Folks from Best In The Desert takes a perverse sense of pride in making the longest race in North America the toughest one, too! Throw in some monsoon-type storms and the 535-mile Vegas to Reno race became even tougher! Despite the long odds, the DragonFire/Can-Am/RideNow team won the lottery, drawing the #1 starting position in the Pro UTV class. Betting that this good starting position would pay off, Driver of Record Lacrecia Beurrier was looking for the big pay-off at the end of the rainbow… or at least the finish line just outside of Reno.

For the first time in her racing career Lacrecia took the line in the #1 starting position. Since she had only attempted this race once before and the tough track conditions were compounded by the storms, the plan was simple, just finish! From the start it was clear that the faster cars were able to distance themselves from the pack and take a commanding lead over the field. Lacrecia was instructed by co-driver Chris to run her own race and just keep moving. Running in the top 10 group of fast drivers, Team DragonFire/Can-Am/RideNow found themselves playing hopscotch with the biggest names in the sport!

With all sorts of hidden wash-outs and deep holes, it was a battle just to save the car and stay on course. After 7 hours and 300 miles into the brutal course, fatigue started to set in. Chris was forced to make the difficult decision to make a driver & co-driver change to keep Lacrecia fresh for the notorious silt beds towards the end of the race. Rolling into Pit 9 Lacrecia’s husband and car builder Eric Beurrier was standing ready to make the switch with his long time co-driver Preston Alexus. In a matter of minutes Eric and Preston were in the car and off while Lacrecia and Chris joined the chase crew to rendezvous at the next pit. The plan was to rest for about 100 miles of racetrack and get back in for the last 250 miles. Pit 10 came in a flash as the fresh drivers were able to take advantage of a smoother section of racecourse. Eric and Preston did a simple roll-by as they continued charging on.

Lacrecia and Chris began to rehydrate in preparation of getting back into the car when a phone call came in from co-driver Preston. He informed the team that they had experienced a brutal roll over at high speeds. Luckily for the team Eric was able to stitch the car back together and limp it through the next 35 miles to Pit 11 where the team was waiting. Huge thanks go out to Brian Bush for putting his race on hold in order to assist the two by pulling the vehicle back over after it turtled!

Much to the surprise of the crew it looked as if nothing had happened to the car came when it came back into the pits — other than the fact the all four wheels where so badly bent that they couldn't go much faster then 20mph. The team jumped into action and got the car patched up quickly! Crew chief and back-up driver Eric made the call to hold off putting Lacrecia back in the car until he could guarantee it was race worthy. Given Eric's expertise, Lacrecia reluctantly agreed to making the driver switch at the following pit.

Eric and Preston took back off into the dust. Despite the crash and the downtime, the DragonFire car was still running top five! On the way to the next pit, the chase crew began having difficulties with radio communication to the car. Nervous but excited about a possible podium finish, the chase crew made their way to the next pit and prepared for a driver switch. Unfortunately that is where they stayed. Unable to reach the car on the radio, the team was forced to ask BITD officials where the car was. Then came the bad news: The car was last reported at race mile 365 awaiting a rescue after suffering a complete transmission failure.

Despite the frustration and disappointment, the team's focus instantly shifted to rescuing the stranded duo. Many hours later the team was able to meet up with the duo after being towed out by a very helpful volunteer known only as “Wing Nut” — thanks again to the kindness of strangers. The team loaded the broken car on the trailer and set-off to find a place to sleep around midnight. So how tough was America's longest off-road race? Out of 300+ vehicles that started the race (40 Trophy Trucks, 33 1500 buggies, 44 UTVs and 28 Ironmen), only 70 managed to finish this race, proving once and for all that beating the odds in the Vegas to Reno race is no simple task.

The upside to the story was nobody was hurt and the team passed many checkpoints earning a fair amount of points for the championship. Sunday morning provided proof that this team cannot be beaten as Lacrecia and Eric started tearing into the damaged car to prepare it for the Best In The Desert BlueWater Challenge in October. Thanks to all the sponsors who made this effort possible and thanks again to Brian Bush and Wing Nut! See you in Parker, Arizona for the BlueWater Challenge!


August 13, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

DragonFire Races For A Reason 

A pair of true champions are racing are racing this weekend and we are declaring them the winners even before that start! DragonFire is proud to be affiliated with all of our sponsored racers and our valued co-sponsors, but Lacrecia Beurrier and Scott Kuhn are really stepping things up as they compete in a couple of extreme racing challenges with a common goal: Raise money and awareness for causes near and dear to them. 

The 2X Mint 400 Sportsman UTV Champ Lacrecia is teaming up with DragonFire's social media manager Chris Moore to tackle the longest off-road race in North America to support breast cancer awareness. Meanwhile, one of her co-sponsors, CP-Carrillo's Powersports Manager Scott Kuhn, is running the Pikes Peak Marathon to benefit the Shriners Hospitals. As tough as the Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno race may be, it doesn't quite compare to running the highest elevation marathon in the country — uphill! There isn't even enough oxygen at that elevation to keep trees alive and yet Scott will be running a full marathon.

Although he is CP-Carrillo's motorsports guy, Scott is running “America’s Ultimate Challenge” rather than driving. While no marathon is ever easy, throw in the 14,000+ feet elevation and you see the magnitude of the challenge! Since this event takes place August 17th, 2014, it means the DragonFire/Can-Am/RideNow team can only offer moral support from their finish line in Reno. "I thought we had it tough with 535 miles of silt, rocks and ruts, at least we will be driving rather than running," laughs Lacrecia. "Seriously, we are proud and honored to be part of CP-Carrillo's team and wish Scott the best of luck… he is going to need it!"


Lacrecia has her own reasons for racing. An ER nurse in her day job, she is sporting pink trim on her Can-Am Maverick in the Pro UTV class to help support breast cancer awareness, something she has been doing since her first powder puff race back in the day. "From my first race to the longest off-road race in North America, beating breast cancer has been the reason for racing from day #1." She highlighted the cause at the top of the podium in two consecutive Mint 400 wins… and if all goes according to plan, a Vegas to Reno win this weekend. "We drew the #1 starting spot and hopefully we will be #1 at the finish."


"I am doing this amazingly brutal run for my 3 year old son/best friend Nathan," explains Scott. Nathan was born missing a few bones in his arm, but through the help of Shriners Hospital and a few surgeries, Nathan is now a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to all. "I picked this race because I wanted to do something extremely difficult that would test my physical and mental limits while discovering new things about myself in the process. Hopefully, in the end, maybe this will lead to someone else doing something to not only try and change the lives of others but their own lives as well."

 Scott has set up a donation website with all proceeds benefitting Shriners Hospitals for Children. "Scott can really use our support and this will help give him that little extra needed inspiration to get over the “hump," says Chris Moore. "We have two very different champions competing in totally different disciplines and both of them are doing it for a greater cause. Even before the start, we think Lacrecia and Scott are already winners."


To donate: http://support.shrinershospitals.org/goto/PikesPeakforNathan

For more details on Vegas to Reno: http://www.bitd.com

Race Report – Beatercross At ERX Motor Park

August 11, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

While we think Alex Fortune's Wildcat is way too nice to be competing in something called "Beatercross," it is great to have him flying the DragonFire colors in the Elk River, MN series. Alex is running the DragonFire SFI-approved 5-point race harness, quick-release steering wheel kit, front & rear bumpers, number plates and our signature Flying V Bar.

So what exactly is Beatercros? According to the promoters, "Our Beater-X Series is an entry level/grassroots form of racing consisting of compact cars, small trucks, UTVs and ATVs, competing on an all dirt race track. Adding to the excitement is a track layout that utilizes small rolling jumps, elevation changes, and tight corners to create an extreme form of racing the average guy can compete in." With that in mind, here Alex Fortune race report:

“I came into the night with my Wildcat ready to go and felt really strong in practice. The track was wet and traction was awesome, which allowed me to get a good feel for different lines to try and make for some minor adjustments."

The first heat went great as Alex started on the outside. "As always, I got shoved out, but didn’t waste any time charging from 12th to 7th in two laps. By the time the checkers had waved, we ended up 4th." "The second heat was not favorable as the staging workers were confused and did not go by the lineup rather the arrival of the cars so when we got there we were given 8th pick rather than our 4th pick like we should have been. They wouldn't allow me to be in the back row like I had wanted so we again got pinched at the start."

Things went downhill from there. "Midway through the race it felt like the car had no power going into the ground — I had assumed that it was a traction issue, but we later we found that the clutch spider had broken, so we ended up 7th in the second heat. An inverted start and deteriorating track conditions made for a bad combination.

"Track conditions were horrible since it had dried out with no maintenance done," says Alex. "Visibility was nonexistent, but we came out swinging, ending up in 6th place for the evening after battling through the pack." Not bad, but not what Alex was looking for!

"All and all I am not satisfied with the result, but we finished a night without incident and towards the top of the field behind some very talented drivers. The next and final round is on the 28th and will look to be on the podium to finish out the year strong there.

"I just want to thank you all again for your support and help on everything you've done.”

DragonFire Has An ACE In The Hole

August 07, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

Dealing A Full House Of RacePace Components!


Polaris continues to expand its RZR range. From the RZR 570 up through the XP 4 1000 they have a full house in card playing parlance. They further stacked the deck in their favor with the Ranger line of UTV workhorses. However their latest calling card really turned some heads: the single-seat Sportsman ACE. 


While we're still not sure if it is a Side-X-Side minus a side, or an ATV with a steering wheel, we already have an ace in the hole for the whole new ACE! Turns out our popular RacePace modular component system readily adapts to the ACE. Our RacePace front dash bar and our LockDown harness bar bolt right on, adding some much needed strength and style.


Throw in our "Bash" and "Smash" bumpers and we have a RacePace four of a kind that covers the Polaris full house! What's better than four of a kind? For those of you not addicted to the World Poker Tour on TV, that would be a straight flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit). DragonFire draws a flush with our new memory foam belts that fit the ACE when suited to the LockDown harness bar.


Play your cards right and accelerate your ACE to RacePace!


August 06, 2014 | WRITTEN BY: TEAM DRAGONFIRE  [0Comments]

Lacrecia Hits The Jackpot For Vegas To Reno

Nothing like winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas or Reno! That is exactly what DragonFire/Can-Am/RideNow racer Lacrecia Beurrier has done by drawing the coveted #1 starting position for the upcoming Vegas to Reno race. Not only is the longest off-race in the United States notorious for being tough to pass on, it is also dusty! Lacrecia's lottery win puts her and co-driver Chris Moore on the starting line ahead of 40 other UTVs on Friday, August 15! 


Adding to the challenge is the fact that the 535 mile race is a point-to-point race, so pit logistics become an issue. As tough as The Mint 400 was, it still circled back to a main pit… no such luck for V2R. "This race is known for the fact that you often outrun your chase team," says Lacrecia. "Pit strategy and reliability are critical factors. Fortunately our Can-Am Maverick already has plenty of horsepower on tap to keep everyone else eating our dust!"


The 2X Mint 400 Sportsman Class champ, Lacrecia stepped to the Pro ranks this season to compete with the big boys of the sport but suffered some tough breaks in the past couple races. "We learned a lot from ending up on our lid twice at Silver State 300 and really are looking forward to doing better this time out." Not to mention keeping it right-side up!


Team DragonFire was plenty fast enough, setting fast times at The Mint 400 and the Silver State, but sometimes you need to be able to slow down in order to go faster. Failed brakes and a faulty fuel pump were the team's downfall at the Silver State 300, both of which have been totally rebuilt for V2R. 


Fresh fluids from Royal Purple, new tires and wheels from ITP and the team is ready to rock and roll! A new wrap from Wolf Graphics and some magic elixir from Mothers Polish should keep the Can-Am looking good all the way to the finish. 


"We totally rebuilt the car after the brake issues and subsequent crashes at the Silver State," adds crew chief Eric Beurrier. "Now the Maverick looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside… and works even better." For an insider's view of just how much work has been done to the DragonFire/Can-Am/RideNow Maverick, check out this video: 



Lacrecia would also like to thank all her sponsors, including Bell, BS Sand, Bulldog, Can-Am, CP-Carillo, DragonFire, Elka, EPI, ITP, Mothers Polish, Muzzy's, RideNow, Rockstar Customs, Royal Purple, Wicked Bilt and Wolf Graphics. For more info about The Vegas-To-Reno, click on http://www.bitd.com

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